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Compressor Scrap

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We are an affluent Manufacturer and Supplier of Compressor Scrap in Nordhorn, Germany. Our Scrap is free from oil, dirt and all kinds of unwanted material and known for its superior quality. The Compressor Scrap that we offer is used to make other products in different industries. Our Scrap is available in both containers and loose. We provide Compressor Scrap at very nominal prices in the market.


Product Name & Image Compressors Scrap
Sizes available —-
Raw Material Used —-
Special Features Free from Oil, Dirts or Any Unwanted Material
Applications ——
Price 150 USD per Metric Ton (cif)
Technical specification Free from Oil, Dirts or Any Unwanted Material
Brief about product Scrap Compressors from Acs and Fridges, Free from Oil and Any Unwanted Material
Industries where this product is used —–
Colors & packaging available 3000 Pcs to 3450 Pcs Which Gives 25 to 26 Metric Tons per 20 Ft Container